Lovers Lane Park
Disc Golf Course
Bowling Green KY
Course will be closed for public play April 20-22, 2018 while
The 2018 Amateur Championships at Bowling Green
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Course Designs -Turn Key Installations -Sign Packages
Established 1997

On or beyond any pavement or fence is Out of Bounds
No 2- meter rule on this course
Smoking is not allowed in this park, except in the parking lot.

Hole 1        405        Over fence long OB, road to right OB
Hole 2        310        Over fence on right OB, Mando to
left                                 of post (re-tee if missed)
Hole 3        285        
Hole 4        324        In or over rocks on left OB,
   over fence long OB
Hole 5        275        In or over rocks on left OB
Hole 6        370        Over fence on right OB
Hole 7        330        Sidewalk and beyond on right OB,
   in rocks short OB
Hole 8        265        
Hole 9        225        Mando to left of tree/post
Hole 10        390        Road long OB
Hole 11        245        
Hole 12        325        Sidewalk and beyond on right
OB,                                         road long OB
Hole 13        425        Sidewalk an beyond on right
OB,                                          in rocks short OB
Hole 14        330        
Hole 15        500        Fence long is OB
Hole 16        305        Parking lot to right is OB
Hole 17        300        Road to right is OB
Hole 18        340        Road to right and long is OB
Thursday April 19, 2018: PDGA C-tier
Lovers Lane Flex Start @ BG AMs

Start anytime from 9am till 3pm
We will put you with 2 or 3 others, and play the 18 hole course
Winners posted Thursday evening at 7pm at Holiday Inn - prizes awarded there

$30 am entry (disc and hat in players' package)
$100 pro open men entry - play the touring pros (1:00 tee time for pros)
Click here to register