Many great hotels, all close to the course
are in town!
Check out:
for local hotel options. Ask for disc golf rate.

FREE RV camping available at Fairgrounds
(no bathrooms-no tents)  
Email HB for details
Madisonville Champions:

2019: Sam Lee in playoff over Logan Bowers (won $1285)
Ellen Windboom by one over Christene Jennings
MP40: J Ray  

2018: Sam Lee by 2 strokes over Jacob Henson (won $1050)
Christine Jennings by 5 over Holly Finley
MP40:  Mickey Pennington s

2017: Gregg Barsby by 5 strokes over Dutch Napier (won $800)
Cortney Cannon FPO, and Johne McCray MP40

2016: Zach Jonshon over Zach Melton by 8 strokes (won $960)
Johne McCray won Masters 8 strokes better than Open
GM: David Andress

2015: Trevor Harbolt by one over Tyler Horn (won $920)
Masters:Steve Boylan     GM: Dean Tannock

2014: Dutch Napier over Tyler Horn by 8 (won $1055)
Masters:  Howie Baird

2013: Dutch Napier over Matthew Kern by 2 (won $1000)
FPO: Melynda Apton     MP40: John Riley      GM: Dean Tannock

2012: Dave Feldburg over Richard Wysocki by 1 (won $1065)
Woman: Catrina Allen    Masters: Roger Cansler   GM: Dean Tannock

2011: Tyler Horn over Devan Owens by 7 (won $900)
Women: Liz Lopez      Master: Dean Tannock       GM: Jim Ashton

2010: Paul Oman over David Grinnell by 4

2009:  Jell Layland over Jeff Mollyhorn by 6
Masters Toney Wilson     GM: HB Clark

2008: Matt Blakely overJustin Moore by 1
GM:  HB Clark
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2020 Players Package by
Dynamic Disc
(First 75 amater players)
Custom Stamped Disc
(a mix of DD drivers)
DD Mini Clipboard
DD Hat
DD Jr. Sheriff
HSCo Sunglasses
DD/HSCo Quick-Dry Towel
DD Sharpie
DD Player Pack Bag
DD Vinyl Decal
DD/HSCo Keychain
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2020 tee times
and results on
the PDGA web

                               COVID-19 SOCIAL DISTANCING RULES and EVENT PROCEEDURES

                  Social distancing of at least 6 feet must be maintained at all times at event sites.

On the Disc Golf Courses:  
  • Minimum of 6 feet of separation between persons (players and staff) must be maintained at all times.   Face Mask
    must be worn when seperation is not possible.
  •     Players will arrive no more than 30 minutes prior to their assigned tee times.
  •      Players may warm up in empty fields in the parks prior to tee time.
  •       Players may not get on the course prior or after the tee times while the event is in progress        
  •    Players will play in groups of 3 or 4 players per prior  tee assignments.
  •    Players/guests may not follow other players who are playing.  (other than one caddy per player – who must also
    abide by social distancing rules).
  • Spectators must stay on roads or paths (out of bounds).
  • Players will leave the disc golf course site after completing their rounds
  • PLAY A PROVISIONAL if you are unsure of any rule, and see the official at the end of the round for clairifiation.

Tee Times: Will be posted on the PDGA results page:
  • Friday tee times will be on line Thursday evening by 8pm.
  • Saturday and Sunday will be ASAP after all scores are verified after rounds 1 and 2.

  • On line scoring will be at
  • Enter the access code 553
  • All OB details are included along with hole distance and pars on this app.
  • Please have one player keep the score the whole round - and ask that player to read the OB notes at each tee box.
  • Each player MUST verify their own score card with in the app and sign by name or PDGA# after the round,
  • There is no need to check in with official after verifing unless you have a rules question.
  • Paper scorecards will be available if needed or for back-up if desired.

General Event Details:

  • No on-site registration – players must register on line prior to day of event.  Registration closes Thursday at 6:00 pm.
  • All schedules, rules (out of bounds lists), and other information is available on line.  No handouts.
  • Check in is not required, please advise TD if you will have to drop out by email.
  • Amateur player packages will be available before and after Round 1 at the Official's table near hole 1 on each course.
  • All tee times, scores, and prizes will be posted on line.  
  • Amateur prizes will be distributed on line through Disc Golf United.  You will receive an email by Wednesday with your
    gift code and instructions
  • Pro payouts will be sent Monday after the event.  Checks will be mailed out Monday.  Top few checks may be available
    on site after results are verified.  Paypal (Goods and Services) will also be available, be sure to give us your Paypal

Event Staff:
  • Tournament Director:       HB Clark   PDGA # 553         Call or text: 270-792-0692
  • City Park Official:       Tammy Clark  PDGA # 106856    Call or text 270-792-8255
  • Mahr Park Official:       Laura Clark  PDGA # 17434      Call or text 270-535-7647
Hopkins County Tourism presents
OCTOBER 1-3, 2021
PDGA  A-tier pro and am
3 rounds of 18 holes using tee times starting on hole 1

POOL A: All Pro Divisions: 3 rounds at Mahr Park Championship

POOL B: Advanced, Advanced 40+ and 50+ and 55+ :
2 rounds at Mahr Park Championship (Friday and Sunday)
One round at City Park (Saturday)

POOL C: Advanced 60+, 65+,70+, Intermediate, Recreational, Divisions:
2 rounds at City Park (Friday & Sunday)
one round at Mahr Park Championship (Saturday)

POOL D: Novice, Junior and Amateur Womens Divisions:
2 rounds at City Park (Friday and Sunday),
2 rounds back to back at Mahr Park Recreational 9 hole Course (Saturday)

Over $3000 cash added to pros
Only 75 amateur players' packages planned
Big amateur payout to 45% in each division

Registration to open spring 2021
Pros: $120, Advanced Divisions: $85, others: $65
Optional $5 ace pool