Griffin Park – Bowling Green, KY


Established 1990

On or beyond any pavement is Out of Bounds

Over any metal fence is out of bounds

No 2- meter rule on this course

Hole 1        270        Picnic shelter OB

Hole 2        309        In or right of creek past the bridge OB

Hole 3        185        Water to right, road to left OB

Hole 4        260        Playground and fence to left OB

Hole 5        266        Fence to left OB and water right and long OB

Hole 6        252        Water to left OB

Hole 7        240        Water and beyond long OB, fence to right OB

Hole 8        195        Fence to right OB, road long OB

Hole 9        290        Road to right and long OB

Hole 10        430        Road to right OB and fence on left OB

Hole 11        195        Fence on right OB

Hole 12        320        

Hole 13        333        Fence to right OB

Hole 14        340        Fence to right OB, fence long OB

Hole 15        225        

Hole 16        330        Fence long OB

Hole 17        450        Ball field fences to right OB

Hole 18        260        Ball field fences to right OB, road long OB, parking lot on left OB