West Kentucky Disc Golf Trail – awards for players who visit each community!

  • Scan the QR code posted on each course, fill in the short form with name, email address, and date played, hit submit and your play on the course is recorded.
  • You may only scan each course once; we are tracking by play December 2023 – December 2024 to see who completes the trail.
  • When you have played a course in each community, we will contact you for a mailing address and send you a Trail Shirt as a reward for completing the trail.

UDISC Scoring App

You will find the Udisc app sign on each of our courses, so please use this app to keep score.

This will allow you to keep stats on your play, and have a record of you play on courses you visit.


We will be drawing each month from the submitted scorecards for a custom stamped trail disc to be mailed as a prize for those playing the courses. Winners will be notified by email.

You may enter once for each different course you play (so play them all in each community), and play early as each course played by you is entered each month into the drawing.